Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I lie

Remember when I bragged about being the blogging queen (yes I am talking about a mere 1 week ago)?? I lied.... sorry (not really)

I had a long weekend this past weekend. As in, NO WORK FOR ME ON MONDAY! Like, I got the day off. And I was planning on blogfest 2011 this weekend, but instead it turned into this:

1. FRIDAY: Fall for Greenville (aka: Fall Down for Greenville)

Fall for Greenville is basically just a huge festival downtown where they sell overpriced food and beer while live music plays and people walk around. I couldn't believe how many idiots brought their kids down there on a Friday night. There were people trying to push 3 strollers through masses of drunkards up and down Main Street. I saw one lady with like 4 kids on a leash. If I was her, I would want to kick my own ass.

2. SATURDAY: Hangover, then College Football

I felt terrible Saturday morning. But people were coming over to watch the game at my house, so I had to wake up and clean so that no one knows thinks I am a slob. This means doing the 500 dishes piled up in the sink, vacuuming the alarming amounts of dog hair out of my carpet, and lighting a candle to hide any funky smells (likely emanating from the 500 dishes in the sink.) Then people came over and we watched football and Clemson won Thank Christ and all was well in the world.

It was not a pretty win, but Maryland always gives us trouble, so I was happy to take it any way it came. Also thank God for Sammy Watkins. That is all.

3. MONDAY: Apple Picking
So just in case anyone is wondering, if you go apple picking in October, there are no apples left. Well, there are, but you have to truck it down to the very edge of the orchard to pick them. Approximately 4 miles downhill. Which means that when you walk there, your basket is empty, and you're so excited to pick apples that you're basically running. Then you get there and load your basket up with 21 LBS OF APPLES (yes they weighed it) and have to walk uphill 4 miles back to the car. Also it was effing HOT outside. I died.

Yeah I know that's Everest. Shut up, I can exaggerate if I want, it's my blog.

So anyway, I failed at my ONE goal for the weekend: Be a blog queen. And I'm sorry. I apologize. I don't want to offend or lose anyone from my huge fan base. But as you can see it was a difficult weekend for me, and hopefully things will start shaping up pretty soon. 

Also it's windy as shit outside right now. Seriously, go outside. Twister city. Also my dog is terrified of wind, so it's been a rough night in my house.

Happy Wednesday, y'all. Now go gear up for GHOST HUNTERS! <3<3<3ghosties<3<3

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  1. Sounds like it was a pretty awesome weekend, i'll bet you were super active all day sunday, eh?