Wednesday, October 5, 2011

RIP Steve Jobs

RIP Steve Jobs.

Thank you for my iPod, which I have now had for 8 years, which still works as well as it did the day I got it. Did I mention its 80 gigs and can hold 15,000 songs, 180 hours of video, 25,000 pictures, and bought it in 2003?

Thank you for the iPad, even though I'm too poor to buy one. I enjoy stealing other people's and playing Angry Birds on big-screen mode.

Thank you for my laptop, which is 5 years old now, and has only ever had one huge malfunction. While I watched my friends struggle through troubles with their PCs, my Mac and I skipped happily through college without problems. And, the only problem I ever encountered, Apple paid to fix in full. Did I mention it's 5 years old and going strong? (knock on wood.)

In remembrance, here are the pictures we took back in high school the night I got my laptop.

^^literally first picture ever taken right outta the box^^

^^my father (aka "Flash") trying to figure out the photobooth settings^^
(also possibly giving the camera the bird?)

So, in conclusion, RIP Steve Jobs. The world needs more minds like yours. Actually maybe not since new technology scares me a little, but I still respect what you did.

Tune in tomorrow to hear the reason that, after today, I will only get my hair cut by black people. For real.

Side note: now that Apple is the #35 largest corporation in America, who will the hipsters buy their stuff from?? Just wondering....

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  1. Hate everything about getting your haircut. The effort it takes to get there, the awkward wait, the awkward conversation as you describe what you want, the awkward conversation as your hair is being cut, everyone watching you, the annoyance when you realise the haircut is shit but it's done.