Thursday, August 11, 2011



I have no followers, so that's good, since this blogpost is only a test. Clearly, one day, I will have millions of followers and be famous because of the hilarious and witty blogposts I write in my not-so-spare time, but as for right now, I'm at zero. This is good......... as a general rule, I like my bars set low, no expectations, nowhere to go but up. 

^^ present day Marlee: rags^^

^^future Marlee: riches^^

Aside from the fact that one day I'm going to become gorgeous, rich, and famous with a life to rival that luckybitch Kate Middleton, blogging is a really good way to waste time at work. I've wasted time a number of ways today. I surfed the internet for a while, emailed a picture of Sean Bean to the boyfriend, and then had a fight with the vending machine down the hall. My office is freezing cold (63 degrees) and fairly miserable to sit in for longer than 10 minutes, and the vending machine is in the non-airconditioned stairwell, so I go hang out there sometimes like a homeless vagrant to warm up.

I didn't bring my lunch today, so I'm resorting to what I like to call my "Plan B Diet," or "Replace Lunch with Dessert Item." In my head, I'm thinking that whatever I was going to have for lunch was going to be WAY more food than a dessert item, so I'll actually be being MORE calorie-concious by replacing lunch with a Chic-fil-a milkshake or a Snickers bar.

Damn vending machine melted my Snickers bar. 



Note: I had to type "melted Snickers bar" into Google to get that second picture. Way too many pictures were of poop, so watch out of you try this at home. Then again, this may have something to do with the fact that my boss made me take my Search Filter off to search "Gross Feet" one day on Google images.

I should have prefaced that story with the fact that the heat index today is 103 degrees and the stairwell serves as a virtual hotbox with its no AC and huge windows, so maybe getting a melted chocolate bar shouldn't have been such a shocker. But we're not gonna focus on details like common sense here.

So then I did some work, printed some stuff, and now I'm back to procrastinating. Just got done eating "lunch" and it's only 1:02. Love it.

I'm going to be experimenting with uploading some stuff. Like pics, and other cool stuff. Or I could type like this. But why would anyone want to type like this? This is the worst font I've ever seen. 

SO anyway, THIS WAS JUST A TEST. Thanks for your cooperation. And, here's Sean Bean.

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