Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Celebrity Status

I was going to wait to post this until tomorrow, but then I realized that as of tonight I am up to SEVEN followers *thank you, thank you everyone, no flowers please, just throw money* I decided to go ahead and post it. Today, I gave myself a celeb make-over to reflect my imminent celebrity status. Here's the website in case you are also looking for something to occupy your work spare time. I am so hot right now.

^^me as Kim Kardashian^^

^^me with Smart House hair^^

^^me as Katy Perry^^

^^me with lesbian hair^^

^^me as Amy Someoneidontknow^^

^^me as someone whose hair looks like Pinks, so me as Pink^^

^^me as Dolly Parton *top 3*^^

^^me as Lady GaGa^^

^^stay-at-home Marlee^^

^^not a good look for me^^

^^*top 2*^^

What is my favorite, you may ask?

^^Jerry Curl FOR THE WIN.^^

I emailed Cody with a picture of me as Lady GaGa. I wanted to look pretty for him, so I also used the make-over tool to do my makeup and such.

Happy make-overs, everyone!!

UPDATE: I told my dad last night that I started a blog. He has requested that from this point forward, I only refer to him as "Flash" to protect his privacy. So wherever you see "Flash" appearing, you'll know who I mean. Yes, this was a real request.

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