Monday, September 5, 2011

Got the Worries

I am what some people would refer to as a worry-wort. I absolutely enjoy fretting over pointless things that always seem to resolve themselves one way or another. My family and friends hate it, but it brings me peace.

Anyway, for a week or so I was worried about those kittens. I am THRILLED to announce that the kittens are gone. You may remember the Great Kitten Debacle of 2011, and it's totes over. Needless to say, after that catastrophe, I seriously doubt I will EVER have a kitten. Or a cat for that matter. No offense cat people, but cats are NOT cleaner than dogs. Those little monsters shat/peed all over my guest bathroom and here I am, 1 week later, STILL trying to get the stink out. Then again, I'm sure the poopwater in the tub for 48 hours wasn't doing anyone any favors on the odor front, but still.

So anyway, the kitties are safe, but I was looonneeelllyyyy. Even though they were little bitches, I still loved them and looked forward to torturing petting them every day after work and hearing those sweet little meows when I went to put down their foods. So, my loneliness won, and I did what I've been putting off for about 4 years now....... I brought home my new doggy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!agjiwoegakbnafw!!!!!!!! *excitement*

For those who know me, it's no surprise that this happened. I have been looking forward to this day for 22 years, desperate for this day for almost 4 years (since I started working with the rescue), and actually physically preparing to bring home Cy for 6 months. I know someone who got engaged and married in the time it took me to prepare to bring a dog into my house. I'm kind of a control freak. Which is EXACTLY why Cy is so perfect for me..... he NEEDS a neurotic controlling personality because he is actually psychologically unstable. And I NEED to worry about something. Up until now, all I've had to worry about has been school, graduating from school, finding a job, getting rejected from jobs, money, boyfriend, health issues (like my finger tumor that no one takes seriously), finally getting a job, not making enough money, renovating a house, etcetcetc...... clearly, not enough things to worry about. And now, the majority of those things have resolved themselves (as these things usually do.....) so clearly I need something NEW to worry about. And this will be the best thing of ALL THINGS to worry about since it is a living, breathing, eating, pooping thing that could DIE if I don't worry enough about it. Yes, it is really that serious.

1. Pic of finger tumor

Anyway, there is always something for me to worry about with Cyrus. Like, the other evening, he tried to eat grass. Clearly this means that his stomach is upset and I need to sacrifice sleep and keep an eye on him throughout the night to monitor his breathing and make sure that he is comfortable. Or the fact that he doesn't seem to be eating very much, could it be that he doesn't like his food? I bought the most expensive grain-free hippie magic fairy food I could buy, so it can't be that.... what if he has stomach ulcers that are irritating his belly when he eats? A throat tumor that the food scratches up against when he swallows? Am I adding too many fish oil capsules to each meal? Does he dislike the taste of fish? Maybe I will buy some magic fairy canned food to add to the dry kibble to entice him to eat. Maybe that turkey and chicken grill formula I saw... that looked good.

Please bear in mind that for dinner last night, I had Kraft macaroni and cheese, blue box. 

 ^^Really expensive grain-free hippie magic fairy food that my dog hates.^^

^^Really expensive and absurdly unnecessary holistic canned food that he also hates^^

^^Lobster costume I am buying him for Halloween^^

^^My dinner last night^^

For those people who actually care, I'd like to point out that even though I am making jokes about the insanity of my purchases, there really is a difference between high-quality and low-quality pet foods. Foods like Pedigree, Purina, Beneful, Iams, and the worst...... Ol' Roy...... are mainly fillers. This means corn, wheat, etc..... they use mainly grains to fill your dog up with very little nutritional value. Grain-free foods are AMAZING for pets that suffer from skin allergies or digestive issues. Blue Buffalo is a high-quality food, with Blue Wilderness being their grain-free line. It is a bit pricy, but you will be rewarded when your dog feels better, acts happier and more energetic, poops better, and has a nice shiny coat.

Even if you don't want to pay top dollar for a grain-free food, just please be sure that whatever you're feeding doesn't list CORN as it's first ingredient. This means you are literally paying for air. You need to feed more because this food has virtually no nutritional value, which means your dog is going to poop more, and they still aren't getting a properly balanced diet. Just some food for thought. :)

Anyway, please prepare yourselves for an absurd number of pictures of Cy, all blurry because he is absolutely terrified of cameras. He is also terrified of all noise, rain, my car (inside and outside), refrigerator, the ceiling fan, my garage door, all the walls in my house, my cell phone, washing machine, cabinet doors, and my bedroom curtain when the fan blows on it and it starts to magically ripple all by itself. Even though he's scared of stuff, and borderline psychologically unstable, I love him and want to make him fat and happy, even if it means that I have to starve.

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