Monday, September 26, 2011

The *real* Real World

Life after college is NOT suitable material for an MTV reality show. I want to talk to the guy that got to name "The Real World" and ask him why, why, WHY would you play such a heartless and cruel joke on the millions of college students that watch that show. Today is Monday, and I'm in a deep, dark, twisty, thick mood to reflect the dark and twisty Monday weather. The real world has lots of Mondays. They wouldn't be SO bad, except that in the REAL world, they happen every. single. week.

Going from college to having the realworldblues is a bigger adjustment than you'd expect. I'm having a hard time remembering why I had so many complaints during college. I am trying really, really hard to remember why I had such a hard time making it to ONE 10:30 class on Wednesdays, or why I felt like I may die if I had to go to lab, or that tests were the worst thing that was ever going to happen to me in my entire life and I should probably kill myself to avoid it. What did I hate most.... the fact that mom and dad paid for every single thing that I did, bought, and went to? The fact that some days, I had literally NOTHING to do, including class? The fact that I got to live with a bunch of my friends and go to 25cent beer and wing night on Thursdays? Sounds terrible.

If only I knew how lucky I had it. At the time, I truly did not enjoy class, lab and tests, those things served a purpose that I couldn't appreciate at the time. Those things made each week different than the last. Not work. Nope. No way. Every. Day. Same. Thing. Every. Day. EVERYDAYISTHESAMETHINGGGGG.

Don't get me wrong, I am really, really, really happy and thankful that I have a job, I know a lot of people are not as lucky. I would even venture to say that I love my job, which I feel is also something that not many people can truly say. I enjoy working where I do. I get to work with cool people doing cool things and it's not too serious and I have an office with a big fancy computer and dinosaur figurines I'm lucky. But college was REEEEALLY fun. And I can't help but morph into this horrible, evil, murderous, jealous crazy person every time I see/hear people complaining about going to school. JUST STOP. You have no idea. 

*apologies for me shooting laser/daggers out of my eyes, it's just my dark and twisty mood, promise.* So even though it's Monday, and I'm seeing a lot of Facebook statuses from students about how much Monday sucks, and their awful schedules, or their tests, or that their lives are ending because of school, just remember: there IS life after college, and it IS worse than your life now. 

Happy Monday, everyone!

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