Thursday, September 15, 2011


1. I got an email back from TAPS last night. Well, it wasn't really from TAPS, it was from the mail server telling me that my email was being returned to the sender due to an incorrect address. Bullshit. That address was RIGHT on the TAPS website and I clicked it and it made the email box appear for me without me having to even write the email address down, so I am 123% sure that there is no error. Clearly, TAPS is playing hard to get. Luckily, I am relentless. Also, rereading the email I sent them, I kind of wish I hadn't been half-drunk. I still feel like I have a shot, though. This isn't over, stay tuned.

2. There's this:

3. The pants I wore today are too small. Like way way way too small. So I've been sitting in my office with them unbuttoned for the past hour. And unzipped. No plans to remedy that any time soon.

^^tell me about it, sister.^^

5. My best friend (who we'll refer to as Ol' MacDonald) is currently working on an organic farm in NC for fun. It's not her farm, and she doesn't know the people who have this farm, but she went there to live with them and help them feed chickens and birth goats and pick cotton and shit. She's keeping a detailed account of her farm happenings so that she can make a celeb appearance and guest blog on here when she gets back.

I need the weekend.

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